Synido Releases the TempoPAD MIDI Controller

Synido Releases the TempoPAD MIDI Controller

Take Your Music to the Next Level

Synido will introduce TempoPAD, a mini, stylish, and affordable entry-level controller. To fuel creative endeavors and record e-music anywhere, TempoPAD was born. This instrument makes a memorable gift for any occasion with its ultimate appearance, velocity-sensitive pads, and unlimited customization possibilities.

“Synido wants to be an emerging national brand that looks charming, is fun and interesting, and to become friends with everyone who loves to express themselves through different digital audio products,” said Marco Zheng, Synido founder.  

With TempoPAD, the only limitation to beat-making is your imagination. 

Say Goodbye to Low Battery Worries

With the DC-5V connector, TempoPAD keeps your phone/pad powered while playing sounds, which gives you an extra charging port so you can make music wherever you are.

Portable & Compact

TempoPAD comes super compact – only weighing 1.1lb, serving as an ideal music accessory to grab and carry.

Easier than Ever

For beat-making and excellent sound performance, the 16-pad TempoPAD is an ideal machine for beginners.While playing, it now displays bright RGB LEDs for an impressive and responsive light display.

High Velocity-Sensitive, Good Bounciness

4 set velocity curves to adapt to different playing habits, delivering a dynamic and hands-on solution to making music.

Powerful Compatibility

In addition to being compatible with most DAWs, this editor also offers full MIDI programmability, including on PCs, Macs, and mobile phones.


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Review was made by Higher Hz team (Their website is


The TempoPAD MIDI Controller is available beginning on April 15th for Amazon customers in the United States and globally throughout May 2023. For more information, please visit the shopping links below: 

Amazon US:

Synido’s Official Website:

About Synido

Synido is an emerging brand, full of passion and vigor, dedicated to joyful music-making experiences. As young generations, we are all passionate about everything and full of energy in sharing our lives online. With the vision of spreading quality sound further and wider, we put a lot of thoughts into building voice and live audio interfaces. Our mission is not only to provide youth with stylish audio products but also to provide excellent tools to help everyone become great content creators.

Media Contacts

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State: Guangdong

Country: China

Company Name: Shenzhen Synido Tech Co., Ltd.

Source: Synido

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  • Casey Kinney

    So my sister bought the tempo pad for my 14 year old son and I’m having trouble figuring out how to get the sounds onto the pad. I’m not sure what programs to download please help

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