Synido TempoKEY K25 MIDI Keyboard: For Dauntless Explorer of Music

Synido TempoKEY K25 MIDI Keyboard: For Dauntless Explorer of Music

Synido TempoKEY K25 is a portable, compact, and durable MIDI Keyboard. This groundbreaking addition to our product lineup is designed to empower musicians and creators, offering a wealth of features that enhance musical expression and performance.


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Your All-in-One Solution for Composition and Production:

The TempoKEY K25 MIDI Keyboard is crafted to elevate your musical journey, providing an array of features to fuel your creative endeavors. From its durable construction to its expressive controls, this instrument is poised to become an essential tool for musicians of all levels.

Unleash Your Artistry:

With 25 velocity-sensitive keys and 8 backlit drum pads, Its spring-loaded design, built-in arpeggiator, and OLED screen display offer unparalleled versatilityempowering musicians to explore new sonic landscapes.



Unrivaled Versatility:

The keyboard's pitch bend range editing function, customizable control panel, 8 endless knobs, and 6 transport controls provide an intuitive and customizable platform for musical exploration. Whether you're a seasoned professional or abeginner, the TempoKEY K25 is designed to adapt to your unique musical vision.


Innovative Power and Portability:

Weighing just 960g and featuring a compact size, the TempoKEY K25 embodies the perfect balance of power and portability. This keyboard is ready to accompany you on your musical journey, wherever it may lead.



The TempoKEY K25 MIDI Keyboard will be available beginning on January 20. For more information and to stay updated on its release, please visit Synido's official website or purchase on Amazon US.


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Synido is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge music technology that empowers musicians and creators worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and quality, we strive to redefine the possibilities of musical expression.

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