Synido TempoPAD MIDI Controller’s Control Panel is now available for iPhone and Mac!

Synido TempoPAD MIDI Controller’s Control Panel is now available for iPhone and Mac!

The Synido TempoPAD is a compact and easy-to-use MIDI controller that is perfect for music producers of any skill level. With four encoder knobs, six transport buttons, and four banks of 16 drum pads made of indestructible silicone, the TempoPAD provides a useful visual cue and rhythmical light show for your beats.

It can be used with any MIDI-enabled device, including PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. It includes a USB-C to USB-A cable for computer connection and a 1/8-inch TS to 5-pin MIDI adapter cable. When using Synido with portable devices like an iPad or iPhone, there is a DC-5V jack for connecting an additional power supply for more reliable operation.

The Synido TempoPAD editor software allows you to edit MIDI messages and create a surface that corresponds to the layout of your MIDI controller. You can then use this surface to assign DAW functions to controls on your MIDI controller. This enhances your workflow and makes great-sounding beats.

We are excited to announce the release of the Synido TempoPAD Control Panel for iPhone and Mac. The MIDI controller surface editor is designed by ArtFast and allows you to adjust the RGB light color and brightness of the backlight pad, customize velocity or change velocity curve, and set a group of BANK data globally through the quick layout function to improve your work efficiency.

The Synido TempoPAD editor software supports multiple MIDI messages, including NOTE, CC, PC, MMC, CHN TOUCH, PITCH BEND, etc., and allows users to edit them. The knob area and drum pad area support storage of A/B/C three sets of parameter instructions, and BANK switching can be changed on the hardware.

Windows editor software





The Synido TempoPAD sells for $89.95 MSRP but look for discounts at Amazon:


Windows download:

MAC download:

For iPhone users, please go to the Apple App Store and search for “Synido MIDI” to download.

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