An Unmissable Music Producers Sharing Event!

An Unmissable Music Producers Sharing Event!

Music, the language of the soul and the vessel of emotions, and music creation, is undoubtedly an art that is both mysterious and challenging.


So, does music creation really have "secret tips" about inspiration? In order to find the answer to this question, Synido and China Musicren net [] organized an engaging event.

Three captivating guests and over 40 music producers were invited to come together and explore the mysteries of music creation.

At the event, Synido set up a product experience area, allowing everyone to get hands-on experience with the products, enabling every attendee to personally feel the charm of music.



First, guest "Toney.L" shared insights on sparking and capturing inspiration, along with his unique workflow and quick composition tips. He also discussed techniques for blending multiple styles into a song, making music more diverse. In addition to inspiration, Toney also shared the equipment for music production. Choosing the right music equipment can make music creation more effortless, emphasizing the importance of portable and fully functional equipment.



The second guest, Tea Mi, taught everyone how to design FLOW to make music more dynamic. In his sharing, Tea Mi also revealed the truth about Freestyle, as well as the creative mindset of rap artists. He expressed that, compared to Freestyle, we should pay more attention to flow, and shared how he continuously gains inspiration for his freestyle through flow. He also shared multiple freestyle demonstrations on the spot, showcasing his effortlessly displayed skills.



Of course, in addition to playing music, how to make your music more valuable is also a question worth considering. Therefore, our guest Alay shared various methods of monetizing music, as well as how to generate income through royalties. He emphasized that music producers need to have a business mindset in order to better promote and distribute their music, and to generate income through music.



In addition to the informative guest sharing, there were continuous surprises and benefits at the event. The audience actively participated in freestyle relays and completed impromptu creative challenges using the TempoPAD P16. Four audience members won prizes based on their skills: the TempoPAD P16 and TempoKEY K25.



This event not only taught every attendee music creation techniques and methods, but also provided a platform for networking with peers. We believe that on the future road of music creation, they will continue to progress and create more outstanding musical works.

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