Synido Impresses at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

The recent Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, and Synido has made a remarkable appearance at the event. Showcasing its cutting-edge music production and recording equipment, the brand has demonstrated its exceptional technical prowess and its deep understanding of the needs of musicians and streamers.

Brand News
Synido in Lighting Exhibtion

At the exhibition, the Synido mixing console took center stage, captivating the audience with its stylish and vibrant design that embodies the brand's "beauty-first" design philosophy. The console's outstanding audio quality and performance have also earned the unanimous praise of the attendees.

Newly Upgraded Sound Card

The newly upgraded Synido Live Dock A10 was also on display, featuring a unique retro-inspired design that appeals to the aesthetic preferences of contemporary young people. Compared to the first generation, the product's functional layout is more intuitive and user-friendly, delivering even better sound quality. Whether in terms of appearance or performance, the Synido Live Dock A10 is set to provide an enhanced experience for music enthusiasts.

Product Showcase

Furthermore, Synido exhibited its electronic instruments, such as the TempoKEY K25, which have gained popularity among music lovers for their simplicity, ease of use, and rich functionalities. Visitors at the event expressed their excitement, stating that these devices will greatly improve their music creation and performance experiences.

Easy to Use & Fun to Make Music

Through this exhibition, Synido has not only showcased its impressive technical capabilities and innovative prowess but also demonstrated its deep understanding of the needs of streamers and music beginners. As the music industry continues to evolve, the demand for audio and musical equipment is steadily increasing. Synido remains committed to its "easy to use, fun, and good-looking" philosophy, striving to introduce more exceptional audio devices to provide better support and assistance to music and audio enthusiasts worldwide.

See you next time at new exhibtion

Finally, the brand would like to extend its gratitude to all the visitors who have supported and provided valuable feedback at the exhibition. Synido looks forward to seeing you again next year!