Unleash Your Rhythm with the Synido TempoPAD Z-1 P64 MIDI Controller

Unleash Your Rhythm with the Synido TempoPAD Z-1 P64 MIDI Controller

Designed for both seasoned musicians and aspiring creators, the TempoPAD Z-1 is packed with a wealth of features that empower users to explore new realms of rhythmic expression. Equipped with velocity-sensitive RGB pads, the controller offers unparalleled responsiveness and visual feedback, allowing users to seamlessly record, edit, and perform within their preferred DAW software on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Its versatility, intuitive controls, and mesmerizing lighting effects make it the ultimate companion for dynamic music production and captivating live performances.



Quick view of our new MIDI CONTROLLER:




Key Features of the Synido TempoPAD Z-1 MIDI Controller:


Your New Music-Making Powerhouse

    - 64 velocity-sensitive RGB backlit pads

    - 3 transport control buttons for effortless stop, play, and record

    - Customizable velocity curves and pad brightness

    - Versatile connectivity options, including 1/8" TRS (3.5mm) MIDI output

    - Seamless integration with major DAW software




    The Ultimate Finger Drumming Experience for Beginners

      - Beginner-friendly "Easy" mode with the Synido TempoPAD Z-1 companion software

      - Intuitive audio clip editing and lighting design

      - Assign custom audio samples and lighting patterns to the 64 pads

      - Integrated ambient light strip that dances to the rhythm

      - Standalone operation without a DAW





      Five Versatile Operation Modes

        - Easy Mode: Ideal for finger drumming and light show performances

        - Key Mode: Supports octave/semitone transpose and one-touch reset

        - Drum Mode

        - User Mode: MIDI note-based layout for custom assignments

        - Custom Mode: Freely assign MIDI notes, CC, and PC messages




        Mesmerizing Ambient Lighting

          - 4 dynamic display modes: Marquee Mode, Rhythm Mode, Note dance Mode, and Diffusion Mode.

          - Enhance your performances with captivating lighting effects



          The Synido TempoPAD Z-1 MIDI Controller will be available beginning July 5, 2024. For more information and to stay updated on its release, please visit Synido's official website or purchase on Amazon US (Synido TempoPAD Z-1 P64: https://amzn.to/3xcak1q).



          Shop at official website: https://bit.ly/3xAm1PX

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          About Synido

          Synido is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge music technology that empowers musicians and creators worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and quality, we strive to redefine the possibilities of musical expression.


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          Contact Person: Lucas

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          Website: www.synido.com

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          Company Name: Shenzhen ArtFast Tech Co., Ltd.

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