How To Live Loop In Ableton Live With Synido TempoPAD

How To Live Loop In Ableton Live With Synido TempoPAD

TAETRO is a YouTuber, educator, beatmaker, and electronic music mentor,with over 307K subscribers on YouTube and more than 82.7K followers on Instagram.

His passion for educating and engaging audiences throughout the music production process is evident in his dedication to lowering the barriers to music creation.

Healso provides valuable advice to his followers on their musical journey.Recently, this beat producer from Los Angelesshowcased how to use the Synido TempoPAD controller for live looping in Ableton Live in a series of videos tailored for beginners.

In this video, TAETRO provides valuable tips and tricks for Ableton live looping setups and clever pad usage, serving as a great supplement for creators using TempoPAD and aiding music beginners in their journey with Ableton.



In another mesmerizing beat performance video, TAETRO demonstrates the powerful features of the TempoPAD as a controller:allowing you to take full control of your music.In this mesmerizing performance, Taetro transports the audience into a dreamy atmosphere using the TempoPad, infusing the music with tranquility and depth. The performance is characterized by unique emotions and an extraordinary level of creativity, captivating listeners with its immersive experience.



Explore more about TempoPAD and its creative possibilities on TAETRO's YouTube channel. Join us as we continue to uncover the endless potential of music and technology together!


Thanks for TAETRO made this amazing tutorial!

Check out the video to find the guides easily!





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