How to use Live 100 with computer, cell phone 3.5mm synchronization for live streaming?

1. live 100 PC interface connect to the computer

2. Computer set the default audio device to be synido live 100

3. Mobile phone 3.5mm connection interface LIVE1/2/3, Android phone screen headset icon appears to indicate successful connection

4. Connect the corresponding microphone and headphones

Button Settings

①Mic vol 2 o’clock

②TREBLE 12 o’clock

③BASS 12 o’clock

④ECHO 5 o’clock

⑤BGM VOL 5 o’clock

⑥REC VOL 3 o’clock

⑦MUSIC VOL 12 o’clock

⑧MONITOR 12 o’clock

⑨Reverb type KTV or other effects

⑩DENOISE 1 grade blue

⑪Computer accompaniment inside play LOOPBACK open (Open when needed: record the music played by the computer back to the computer recording software or transfer the music played by the computer to the computer live software as the accompaniment)


Other settings

①Bluetooth accompaniment (turn on when using)

②Dodge switch (turn on when using)

③48V microphone corresponding switch (turn on when using)